Amazon Alexa App Scam

Domains Used:

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You get instantly blocked on the moment you start questioning the legitimacy of the website.
image I talked in the chat and was able to get a scammer to connect to my computer. Here is how the chat went:

How can we help with alexa?
Hi,My name is may i help with your alexa echo devices

Hi there, my alexa won’t respond to me

Alright I will be glad to help you in this.

which device you are using alexa,echo,echo dot or echo show?


how old is the alexa device ?

2 weeks

Is your Alexa plug in ?

Yes it’s plugged in

What is the status of the light on Alexa?


may i know which computer you are using mac or windows?

I’m using Windows

no worries we will help you out with it.

may i know your name and phone number so that i can assign a alexa technician to you for the setup .

Richard Gonzalez ‪(602) 935-4680‬

Thank you, your query is register with alexa technical department. Our next available Alexa technician will be calling you please be available near your phone can take 2-5 minutes

be with your phone

They then called me at (559) 216-0608‬. He used Supremo to connect to my computer. They tried to have me purchase software. Here is what the notepad convo said:

no service charges

repair the damaged files
remove the trojans
block the unauthorise users from network

glary 5

vpn firewall store 36303

anti hacking tool

sonic wall 3 layer - $320 - 2 yrs

sonic wall 5 layer - $480 - 5 yrs

sonic wall 10 layer - $695 - lifetime

2 yr technical support for all devices

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Abuse emails:
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

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Phone 220-200-4886 ECHO INSTRUCTIONS – WebCoded