Amazon (888) 401-4120 "purchase"

Scam Number: (888) 401-4120
Domain Used: anydex
Extra Info: I had this toll-free number on my phone, so I called it and they answered as Amazon. I said I wanted to ask about a strange transaction, the scammer said to read her ‘the text’ so I just made up order ID #8675309AMZ for $1275.89
She directed me to anydex right away.

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There scam is $200


no answer for this one


Hi people.
It’s my first day on the platform
I just wasted 45 minutes of there’s.
A female answered.
I couldn’t spell team viewer because we needed to say I for India.
I connected to there computer for a second on anydex!

It was funny how patient she was and it said on the anydesk user numbers are
143 944 551
493 521 954
Let’s do these retarded criminals in

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(888) 401-4120 Disconnected

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