Amazon (818) 650-3934

Scammer’s Number: (818) 650-3934
Domains Used:
Extra Info: Fitpro. Thank you Reddit.
fitpro 07282021


+1 (877) 960-5947

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at 5:19 pm central … I am on phone now with a guy James having called 818 650 3934 and I gave him the Order ID in your screenshot, @josephnormandgrinnel … Then he texted my TextNow number and had me read to him the OTP ID 6-digit # within his text message to me to verify I am me I guess (haha) … Then I got a 2nd text message and read to him again a different OTP ID 6-digit number … He says my Amazon a/c is active from 5 different places and they are Russia, New Mexico, Houston Texas, China, and Providence Rhode Island … I said I am in Mississippi (since I have a TextNow area code that is from Mississippi) … He therefore said someone has hacked my Amazon a/c since I said that I am the only person using my Amazon a/c … He is putting my Amazon a/c on hold … He asked my name and I said Pavol Kapusta … No, I said I did not order a Canon digital camera and a play station in answer to his question. He asked if I took an Amazon Credit Loan and I said NO. The hackers ordered this stuff and took out the Amazon Credit Loan, all in my name … He will cancel the Loan and Orders though … They will track the hacker’s IP … He says that might have my debit or credit card info but they will not give the hackers a cent and he will RED FLAG the stuff … He asked how many debit and credit cards I have and I said I have only ONE Discover credit card … He wants to know the last four digits of my Discover card and I gave him the four digits 3994 … He asked when was last transaction on this Discover and I said last week at the grocery … What is my balance on my Discover? I said roughly I have a current balance of between 200 and 300 dollars since I just recently paid off the most recent bill in full … He keeps repeating himself! blah blah blah … He will cancel EACH AND EVERYTHING and I am quoting him (haha) …

He says I need an RFI card and he needs the numbers on the card. I need to go to an Amazon store to get the RFI card Radio Frequency Identification card that is an Amazon blocking card … He asked for my zip code and I said it is 38601 … I said I know of no “amazon store” around me but he will help me find the nearest Amazon store … He sees that the closest Amazon store is 200 miles away and I said I cannot drive that far … He said do I have Target or Lowe’s or CVS around me and I said I have a CVS with walking distance … He will have me stay on cell phone with him as I walk to CVS to get the RFI ID card also known as Amazon Blocking card … He asked how long to get there and I said it will take about 10 minutes for me to walk since I have no car …

So I am now going to walk to CVS (and set my phone down for 10 minutes - haha) and I should tell him when I am in the CVS parking lot … I am telling him how HOT and HUMID it is today (99 degrees with 96% humidity!!!) as I am walking to CVS … I told him my sweat is dripping on the phone … Oooops, I dropped the phonedrenched in sweat, but I am still here James!

Okay James, I am at the parking lot of CVS. (My estimate of a 10 minute walk was correct as I wasted 10 minutes “walking to CVS” and there is a HUGE HILL, James!

Their LEVEL 5 Technician will be calling me but for now I should stay on the line … He is connecting my IP to their SECURE server … I got a call to my TextNow number and she is Sophia from Amazon … She is going to help me as she is the LEVEL 5 Technician … I cannot understand her as well as James but of course I did not tell her … She said NOT TO INVOLVE ANYBODY IN THE HACKING ISSUES … I asked WHO IS ANYBODY? She said do not tell any CVS employee about the HACKING issues … I need a Target card from CVS … She said to hang up with her and she will call me back as I should receive another text msg … She called me back after I received another text msg but she did not ask me anything about the content of the most recent txt msg that I just received …

So she said to go inside the CVS to the GIFT CARD section and that I should NOT tell anybody about the HACKING issues … She said to take 3 Target cards $35 up to $500 … I need to use my Discover card to get $500 on each of 3 Target cards and the Amazon Billing Department has already put $1,500.00 on my Discover card … She said I MUST HAVE 3 RECEIPTS for $500.00 each and that I should NOT buy in one transaction the 3 target cards with $500 on each card … I should put phone in my pocket without turning it off and tell her when I am outside the store (and I think about 10 minutes is reasonable for her to wait for me to get outside finally) …

I am outside now with the 3 receipts and the 3 Target cards … She said to find a bench or place to sit … I said there is no bench but I will walk to a tree for shade as it is VERY HOT and HUMID … Okay, I am walking still … Geez it is hot, Miss Sophia … She said to take out the cards from the envelopes … I should scratch the silver strip of each card … I must set the phone down on the ground … I am scratching … I am scratching … I am scratching … Okay, I am back on the phone, Miss Sophia …She said there should be two “cities” with a short number and long number … She said to give her the numbers … I asked if she wants the long one first or the short one, and she wants the long one first …

She is using these numbers to block the hacker …

So I read her the numbers … “You are a 5 Rupee rundi who brings shame and dishonor to your family and ancestors, you dumb ass!”

She did not say anything … she did not curse … she just HUNG UP at 6:12 pm Central. It was nearly an hour long journey!


at 6:23 pm central , I called 877 960 5947 and some guy from “Amazon” answered … since it is time to eat somethin’ for dinner, I am not prepared for another HOUR LONG JOURNEY to get Target Gift Cards, so I am just cussing them. I called 877 960 5947 several more times and each time someone answered as Amazon, but I am not trying now to bait them but instead I am mocking and ridiculing them.

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It would be a damn shame if you shared Miss Sophia’s number.

So… just don’t do that, ok?


So I called this number (still live at 6:00 CDT 7/28/21) and talked to a guy who (making a long story short, I kept him on for a long time) drive to Walmart or Dollar General to get some “blocking” cards (yeah right) to cancel the charge on my CC. They sent a text to my phone saying they would deposit $500 to my CC to pay for the cards and of course I was not to talk to anyone. Cards to buy were Nike, Nordstrom(!), Ebay, or Xbox. I told him i saw some Amazon cards, could I buy those, said I was paying cash and had to get two cards of $250 each. After a long walk back to my car via the bathroom (got diarrhea, you know) I scratched the cards. He wanted me to take a picture and send it via text to the “billing department”. I said I had deleted the text, wanting to keep a clean text area. He told me to text it to his personal number (206 866 5164) so I texted him the following picture:
I’m sure he would love to get more pictures from all of you

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Here’s a nice collection to get them thinking… :rofl:

@Analintruder, I did not stop calling 877 960 5947 even though I am hungry and should eat dinner. This 877 960 5947 number keeps being answered! They are not blocking my Unknown Number VOIP phone number OR my TextNow number.

For 30 consecutive minutes I have called 877 960 5947 from each of my two phones, one phone in each hand. They keep answering. No, I am not trying to bait these scammers at 877 960 5947. I am insulting and harassing them, mocking and ridiculing them, et cetera.

Sometimes I got a different guy on each phone of mine and told them to speak to each other since I conferenced them into the same line (though in reality I just put the two phones up next to each other). Sometimes though I could hear each guy speaking, at times in a foreign language. It was hilarious!

Usually I got guys at this 877 960 5947, but once I got a gal with the fake name Susan.

@josephnormandgrinnel and @Analintruder, these 818 650 3934 and 877 960 5947 numbers were gold! The guys got so angry.


I sent the first one, and he immediately called me back.

“May I know your name please?”

:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

@JohnChod, my apologies! Please pardon me. I got so carried away with the 877 960 5947 number that I was bombarding nonstop with a phone in each of my hands that I forgot to post the TextNow callback number of Ms. Sophia!

It is 206 627 2319. I did leave her a few messages that were … shall I say, uncouth? Ha!

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:rofl: I tried to call her to discuss the fine arts as well, but alas she is not answering.

@ecw06471, at 7:08 pm central I called 206 866 5164 from my TextNow number and a guy answered. I told him, “Karma is going to dry-fuck your ass and then give you Covid19 AND the Black Fungus! You should know a lil’ something about Karma since your ancestors invented the concept!” He just hung up. I am going to call him again from my Unknown Number VOIP.

Haha! @JohnChod, we have had such fun with these benchods! And we did not start messin’ with 'em until about 2 hours ago!

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Trying out a fun new trick on these bhenchods:

Two browser tabs open, one on my TextNow, one on my Google Voice.

My headset mouthpiece is on a flexible stem, so I’m pushing it up to one of my headphone speakers.

I’ll hit dial simultaneously on the same number, hoping two chods pick up at the same time and hilarity ensues.

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Took about 20 tries, but finally got “Brandon Taylorchod” on the line with an unnamed accomplice. After a few "hello?"s they figured out they’d been DoubleChoded. :rofl:

The key is to keep both lines on mute until they both pick up so the first doesn’t hear the second line ringing.

Gonna do this all night.

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@JohnChod, I should use a headset/mic. I need to buy one. I have headphones for when I do multi-track recordings into Audacity software, but there is no microphone connected to them. Wait, I could hook up my Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 digital receiver into my laptop, and then put my Shure SM-57 microphone on the Boom mic stand and plug it into the digital receiver and instead of putting the mic an inch away from a tube amp I could put the mic right up to my mouth and have my headphones on with the headphones connected to the digital receiver, but I would need to connect my Google Voice account somehow to the digital receiver.

I should just buy a headset with mic like what is used in a call center and plug it into my laptop. I have been manually dialing my Unknown Number VOIP Google Voice cordless handset that is a Motorola. Ha, you know how old this cordless handset and the charging cradle is if it is MOTOROLA!!!

I do the same thing though. I get the number ready to dial in TextNow, then I get the number ready to dial on my cordless handset, and then I try to dial each one so as to get someone on each line at the same time!

Sometimes when I want to EAR RAPE a scammer, I have turned on already my old 30-watt Gibson tube amp from the very late 1960s (two 12-inch Jensen speakers). I have an electric guitar plugged in to the amp already and on my lap. I have the ol’ tube amp’s GAIN and VOLUME turned up ALL THE WAY and the guitar’s volume is turned up all the way. And at some point I put the phone between my shoulder and ear and start jamming while I am sitting just a couple of feet from the tube amp.

There is probably an easier way to EAR RAPE them but a vintage 30-watt tube amp will work.

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I got “Brandon” on some of the phones calls myself!

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You guys should do scambaiting tutorials, from a tech standpoint at least. I’m at the lowest rung of the ladder but I like to think that I’m helping at least a little.


Haha, fantastic idea! :guitar: :fire:

Yes, you could definitely configure the Focusrite as your audio in with the SM57. For the audio out, you could either set it to your Scarlett’s headphone jack or keep it on your computer’s built-in soundcard and use your headphones there.

@JBCizzle, I am not that experienced actually. Well, I have experience but I am not that great of a scam baiter. There are some exceptional scam baiters. I am a better scam ABUSER than a scam baiter.

With baiting, there is the virtual machine type of baiting and the other verbal non-virtual machine type.

Some baiters use voice changers, but I have not used a voice changer.

When not trying to bait with a virtual machine and just trying to keep them going on the phone verbally, it is not an exact science. Every baiter has his or her own “personality” or “persona” or whatever. Some people are good at impersonations verbally, like making their voices sound like an old person.

You can just play around and try to figure out what works. Of course YouTube videos of Kitboga or Browning or whoever can help, but they have sound boards or whatever on their computers. I do not have any of that fancy software. They can click an audio file and it sounds like a car has started and is running when they are “driving to Walmart to get the gift cards” and then during the drive they play an audio file of car horns honking and the scam baiter says when the scammer asks what is going on that someone just cut in front of him and almost wrecked his car, blah blah blah.

Some scam baiters are very slick and skilled with various technology that helps make the baiting seem realistic.

Most importantly though, you ARE helping A LOT. Every effort to bait OR just verbally abuse scammers is helping in my humble opinion. Every single one of us can help by just trying.

Like with anything, the more you do it the more you’ll improve AND find your own “voice” so to speak, find your own approach to both baiting and abusing these criminals.

I am learning still, even by reading posts in this site that others have posted. I’ll think, “What a great insult! I am gonna use that.” I’ll see some post about someone baiting and the story they went into, et cetera, and I’ll think, “That is a great idea. I am gonna try that.”

That is why I am grateful to be a member of this community. It helps me learn rather than just finding the phone numbers and calling them myself without reading the posts of other users in this community.

Keep on keepin’ on, @JBCizzle !!!