Amazon (509) 492-5509

Scammer’s Number: (509) 492-5509
Domains Used:
Extra Info: I called up this number 7/17, which was active 7/16, according to a Facebook scambaiter page. He answered “Amazon.” I said, in a French accent, that I was charged something by Amazon, but it was not me. He said “hold on” and he hung up. A legitimate call center will not hang up on a customer. It happened July 17 at 9:19 a.m. EST.

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Hoarding get 1 insult in they hang up call back
it rings in dial … No pick up …


He picked up and said hello and then moaned!! Still active. I told him to take a glass of water

LOL, first he said this is a private number, then I convinced him I was a naive easy target, then he became Amazon support.

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Hahaha. Not picking up now