Amazon (256) 297-4994 "charge $1499.00"

Scam Number: (256) 297-4994
Domain Used: n/a
Extra Info: Amazon robocall about fake order.

Quick hang ups and very angry!!



yeah I can’t get her to talk for more then one sec


Yeah it almost seems like they aren’t even trying xD

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I just called a few times from my TextNow the (256) 297-4994. Each time I could tell that someone answered but each time the person who answered did not say anything and the person hung up after one second. I tried as soon as whoever answered to say, “Hello, Amazon?” But the person hangs up too quickly.

She, or they, must have gotten very spooked by you fine folks! :crazy_face:

I just now tried again a few times and on all but my last call in this 2nd round of trying to call this number a guy answered and said immediately, “Stop calling!” I laughed and told him to MAKE US STOP CALLING! He called me a f!cker. I laughed and told him to remove the c!ck from his mouth BEFORE you try to pronounce English. He hung up.

Whoaaaa! I called again, and someone answered but did not say anything. So I said, “Don’t be bashful, bakrichod. Be a good criminal monkey and BEG for your money.” An woman said in a VERY angry voice, in a RAGE, “F!CK YOU!” I laughed and said that your anger pleases us. She hung up.

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LMAO! You are a legend :bouquet:

Perhaps she can teach that skill to my girlfriend.


not even talking and they instantly hang up

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Hey Yooooo!!!

You are terrible @MajorLeeAwesome :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

When they answer though without saying anything, say something like “Beg for your money, criminal” and sometimes one of them will talk back and cuss and such, at which point I laugh and say that your anger pleases us.

I like to use the PLURAL “us” rather than “me” to impress upon them that WE are messing with them. Haha, once in awhile a scammer will ask, “Who iz we?” I reply, “Thousands upon thousands of Americans!” I lie and/or exaggerate to criminals/scammers all of the time. :grinning:


I am not publicly going to comment on teaching that skill to your girlfriend, BUT l laughed so hard when I read it that I accidently spit out a drink of water I had drunk!

LMAO I had the same reaction!

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(256) 297-4994 Just hold music. 2am