Amazon? (209) 250-3247, (984) 225-1401

Scammer’s Number: 209) 250-3247, (984) 225-1401
Domains Used:
Extra Info: They cold-called me and left a message about an "iPhone 12 pro for which your Visa card attached on the account have charged with $599.99. "
Samuel was extremely angry, ‘supervisor’ Peter shouted on me also. They accused me of ‘wasting’ their time…the nerve! clutches pearls

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Also the anydesk password that they put for you is apple123456

Just called. Amazon bad refound scammers. They only try to go with their script.
They use anydesk. Tried a reverse conneciton but they have passwords

  1. 250-3247 Loop # 1005 -1002#