Amazon 18056222773



4:13 pm Central … “John” answered! This number is up and answerin’ at this time! :laughing:


805 622 2773 … “Emily” answered. She is easily triggered. After she and I went at it verbally in English for awhile, she put a male scammer on the same phone call and he cussed me briefly in a foreign language, then a different man came onto the same phone call and he and I exchanged verbal blows in English until he hung up in a most cowardly manner. Haha, these criminals are fun!

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“Henry” and I go back a long way. He used to be an SSA scammers and various others. He’s a well seasoned dirt bag

Haha, I enjoy when I know the voice of a scammer. I especially enjoy when a criminal immediately recognizes my voice!
(I do not use any voicechanger.)

At 4:43 pm Central, now I get the message machine. For awhile though I was harassing them with calls and they were answerin’!