Amazing Tech Support Scammers (+1-877-338-1333)

If you want to wind up an entire call centre then here is the number for you. I have only called 30 times and they have already had enough of me. I will be probably uploading a video on these tramps tomorrow and yeah enjoy I guess. I have already started a bit of chaos and they have threatened to hang me, told me to fuck off, they were racist, they mimicked my accent and it goes on. Pure rudeness! These people deserve a large number of calls. A full scale attack is needed.

Number: +1-877-338-1333

@HyperGrunt124#80499 Getting an auto hangup in textnow

Auto hangup


Call these wankers now 1-844-618-4333

@nerdtrauma01#80635 Next time you want to post a phone number that’s unrelated to the original thread, please create a new discussion instead of commenting on a previous one. Thank you

@nerdtrauma01#80635 lmao they said suck my baby’s d