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Cincinnati, Ohio USA

Our previous message.

We have been informed by the Authorities to have your (FUNDS) released processing

completed and you are the rightful beneficiary to claim it otherwise the funds

will be declared non-serviceable by the bank and consequently, it’s confiscation.

The time frame is very short and technically, a bank transfer is the fastest means

of getting this done, so we have reverted to the status quo.

Mandate has been issued to a commission namely UNCLAIMED ASSET/ASSETS REUNITED,

USA here in the UNITED STATES to effect this payment to you using its traditional

banking procedure, VIA WIRE TRANSFER and you are to contact the Executive director

of U.S BANK for the release of the funds to be transferred into your nominated

bank account, and here is the contact information below.

Name: Andrew Cecere

contact Email:( [email protected] )

If you are receiving this notification for the first Award Funds which are in your

name, can only be paid upon receipt of your beneficiary identification security

transfer CODE which is (C6HFJJMP01) for clearance of the funds. Send it

immediately to us for instant accreditation of your proceeds into your account as

listed below.

  1. Your full name:

  2. Phone, mobile:

  3. Address :

  4. Profession:

  5. Age:

  6. Marital status:

  7. Copy of your any valid ID card

Ensure you contact Andrew Cecere with all your Full contact details regarding your

Funds and get back to us for more clearifications.


Garry Fisher

Re-United Asset Manager