<Alleged> Skype harassment

Some idiots have apparently posted my Skype on some “Gay” forums.My Skype is now flooded with messages and gross pics.I am getting video calls.I have for now uninstalled Skype .Can anybody of you tell me how to stop these messages?I know who did it,but wouldn’t be posting the names.

@ParodyGordon#7158 I just went through all your posts. You haven’t posted your Skype ID anywhere. I doubt it’s anyone from here.

@1337mathster#7159 R3P34 could you tell him what you did ?

I never posted NY Skype id but I have contacted some people on scammer.info through Skype.




R3P34 made a group last night and started talking shit like cuddling etc. Etc.Its just gross to see that

[“Idiots causes Nuisance”,“Skype harassment”]

@ParodyGordon#7160 Cuddling is gross? xD

@scraps210#7163 Yes asking me to cuddle and also posting my skype on forums and sending me gross pics and video calls is really gross.

He was talking bout being gay and shit like an idiot.

R3P34 seems like you are too silent to admit anything.

@1337mathster#7159 For the last time dont change the title of my posts.

I keep them for a reason.

@ParodyGordon#7165 What are your Skype settings? For instance, what do you have as who can contact you? Also, are they many accounts or just a few? If just a few, maybe blocking can help.

As a last resort, you might need to create a new Skype account.

@iChutya#7167 Yes I am not able to open my skype settings since I have uninstalled it already.Plus installing it again and going to the setting would be gross as I would have to see those gross profile pictures.

Any idea if i can do it online?

@ParodyGordon#7169 Perhaps you could try on the web client (web.skype.com) I haven’t tried it though

@ParodyGordon#7164 he was just messing around with the gay things. I’m not sure who posted your skype on the gay forums though

@ParodyGordon#7165 No. Your title was not acceptable.

@ParodyGordon#7164 Also, he’s been offline for 3 hours which is an hour before you started this discussion. It’s evident he’s not hiding as he hasn’t even seen your posts.

Join my discord. I have my own discord server because skype is just bad.

I disapprove of whoever did it, but I still find it hilarious.

[“Skype harassment”," Skype harassment"]

@R34P3R#7179 AKa little B

You dont want me to post the snapshots of the chat we had.Do you?I have already sent them to Jnteamed and all that shit you were telling me bout about your marriage with thunder.

If you got some guts post the chats here,they will decide who was right for themselves.

Plus you know that you did it ya styoobid.I am 15 Years old and this is pure harrrasment and inhumane,thats why I dont like people like you or the phobia ypu were talking bout.

@Jnteamed#7176 Can you please share those screenshots of the chat with thunder and Reaper I sent you.

@1337mathster#7175 Yo I have the proof so remove the alleged tag and replace it with confirmed.

I am NOT on either side of this argument. If you see a blank post, i don’t know what to say but felt like something should go there.