All scammers aren't a like, But most are.


So Basically I Noticed a lot of scammers, Fraudsters and Cyber Criminals use the same user handle.
Normally this isn’t the worst mistake, However the more times you use it the more likely you are to be busted.

Ross William Ulbrict. Dread Pirate Roberts. This criminal wasn’t busted by reusing his DPR Handle, But rather it being closely associated with his lifestyle. You may know RWU From the silk road. 2011 to 2013. Shut down by US Law Enforcement. However this person like many other scammers are not bright. By Now most of us have at least seen Jim Browning pull scammer’s resumes off their PCs, and whatever else not. Cyber Criminals do this more then you think. They have some sort of Idenifiable password, Username, Login or whatever stored digitally on their PC. Ross Put his email on Stack Exchange. Leading to his arrest.

Other people who made the same Mistake Ross did.

(2016)/2017 Now I put (2016) in () for a reason, this is due to the fact the FBI Had info from 2016 but made an arrest 1 year later. Alexander, Rather known as Alpha02 made a PGP that was displayed on Alphabay marketplace, Alphabay Forum and Alphaybay Forum/Marketplace Password Reset. His Email was active as far back as 2008 and he mentioned on Alpha-Male (Hence the term Alpha-Bae) forums about wife hunting in thailand. Not a surprise his website was named Alpha-bay now is it? AlphaMale/BataMale.

“Max” - Anna Whitte. 2021. Trickbot Programmer, Now this moron used her name in a website. Yep She hosted Trickbot on or however her last name is spelled but she claimed on social media she had a son called “max” not a surprise she got busted.

Now if you’re seeing a pattern (which you should) you should notice 3 of the top cyber criminals used shit they shouldn’t of used. This isn’t uncommon, In Fact it wasn’t uncommon for me to discuss personal relationships back in the day. I Have since moved past these dark days and Have officially downed 7 Dark Web Criminals in 7 months. which isn’t bad Judging in 6 to 9 months the FBI as a whole removes 3 to 81 Vendors, Admins or other criminals from the dark web. I Work single handedly.

You’ll come across advanced Scammers and some who are Just plain out R*******ed you know who they are. If you don’t let me point you in the correct direction: lulzandfeelz#1337 this moron calls me a skid. * Uses 1337 as a Tag and DDoS 15 year olds with *

A Quick google search is amazing, Lulzandfeel’s name is Jessica, though she attempts to deny it and claim she’s a “Russian” I Know better. See Californians aren’t really fucking bright I mean hell ross wasn’t the brightest nor was his mother when attempting to defend her child. They baited him into calling for 7 murders. IDC what you think, If you’re “satisfied” with the work you’re guilty of the crime.

Now you’re wondering how did I get rid of 7 of them, Well I helped others get rid of them. For 7 to 9 months now we acted Like “skids” and boasted their dox and eventually they kept thinking they won the battle except I was letting them “Help me” dox them. Yep, They’re not bright. I’ll keep my political comments out of this but trust me, If I added it it’ll make more sense as to why they’re dumb. Basically they doxed themselves admitted to everything including 3 counts of PE*******lia and more.

Now there’s brighter criminals, Some rob Jewlery stores, Some Rob the Millitary some are so smart cops never find them for over 20+ Years.

Basically cyber criminals are usually drug addicts or are too tired to do shit, Use their lack of energy to do what you please.