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Gilbert [email protected]

Dear Beneficiary,

After proper consultation and verification of the provided information by the authorities, we have confirmed the details to be correct and also tally with the provision of your payment instructors as the case maybe.

We have validated your information and confirmed your eligibility to be compensated, without any delay your payment approved sum of US$2, 800, 000 has been allocated and approved for payment via the BNY Mellon Bank NY USA. It is very important you note that it is not in our place to appoint a payment Bank but it is our responsibility to ensure that the allocated or nominated Bank has the capacity to pay you.

It has been verified that the BNY Mellon Bank NY USA has the capacity to pay you and your payment has been allocated to be paid by the appointed Bank. Your payment was issued via a certified payment bond value of US$2.8M which has been dispatched to the nominated Bank which is the BNY Mellon Bank NY USA and it is the duty of the BNY Mellon Bank NY USA to clear this certified payment bond and release the value to you as your approved payment.

A broker based in the New York USA has been appointed to broker your payment process with the BNY Mellon Bank NY USA and you are required to contact the broker without any further delay.

Broker Details,

Hays & Co Brokers,
Fiduciary Agent and offshore representative
Address: 405 Lexington Avenue New York, NY 10174
Mr. Warren Hays
Cell Phone: +1 631 2030 000
Email: [email protected]

You are once again advised to contact the Broker for further advice and process for the release of your funds.

Yours Faithfully,
Mr. Gilbert Jones
(Payment Supervisor)
for Reconciliation and Peace
United Nations Compensation Unit