Advance fee business loans

Here’s a list of advance fee business loan lenders. Most will claim to be legit and rated by the BBB. This is the reason why the BBB tells people not to answer robocalls. Their members are the scammers. The legality of advance fee loans seems to vary by state. Florida continues to have trouble enforcing and regulating them.

If you call be ready with info on your business. They will ask for your email to send you a loan application and request your bank statements. - 888 504 1166 - 631 247 0970
Cheddar Express Loans - 516 284 1677
FORA FINANCIAL - 855 326 8526
Credibly - 248 633 1256


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Merchant Cash 347 342 0307

Empire Merchant Group

Phone: 561 372 0200


631 983 3436

Here’s another one: 561 372 0200 These guys never give up and neither should you! Thank you!

So I block their phone calls and now I get a text from: 82149 from Cheddar, call 844 887 8082.

It’s been a busy day. This guy called to consolidate all the loans I have 315 215 2357

Infinity Capital Funding, LLC
Direct Lender, Licensed Lender
Phone: 818 713 0770
Fax: 818 698 8138

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The Fora Financial number is different to the one on their website.

How do I know that they are scammers?

The calls originate from robocalls and telemarketing calls to a cell phone in violation of the do not call list and FTC regulation. Give the operator your fake business information and see how it spreads via email and phone. Once you get transferred to the specialist they will ask for your email and send you a loan application. I have never opened that application because who knows if it is a virus or not. You can find it online, too. Sometimes they will offer to fill out the application with you on the phone. They also request your last 3 months of bank statements. They want your ssn and lots of other data.

Reasons it is a scam:
1. You are told you qualify for the loan with a fake name and business.

2. They ask stupid questions like is your credit score good and have you filed bankruptcy? And take your word on your answer.
3. They do not answer questions about their business information, nor transfer you to a manager, and are quick to tell you off or hang up. Does that sound like customer service from a real bank?

Also, the timing and frequency of the calls are linked to credit card, auto warranty, and vacation scams. Please see my post on Lead Generators.

Can I get in trouble if I harass them like we do with the tech support?

Don’t use your real number. They did retaliate on me by giving my phone number and (fake) email to a moving company… I doubt they would go to the authorities, but they are American and react differently than foreign scammers. Again, they deny they are scammers because they don’t make the calls, the lead generators do. I am looking for a definitive link from the lenders & lead generators to the other scams and to the BBB and the initial source of the calls. These lenders repeatedly call me and have now started texting me… after I gave them fake business information and told them to F— off. So they do harass me. The government and BBB are aware of these companies and scams and businesses and do nothing. They tell you to hang up.

i usually use Skype for calls

5 for 5 this week. This scammer is trying to help me pay down my loans:

201 956 6966

She said that loan was filed with the UCC Uniform Commercial Code with the US government. That's interesting cause I don't have a loan or a business.