Active M&T Phishing Scam | Need help taking it down!

One way that this phishing scam is sophisticated is that it verifies your user agent to see if you are currently using a iPhone. As a result, if your user agent is not being spoofed or you are using a known VPN IP address, you cannot access the website. This makes it more difficult for the host to take it down since they may not be aware of exactly how to access the site to determine whether it is a phishing site. A white screen or an HTTP error 404 indicates incorrect spoofing or ineffective VPNs or proxies. I access the site through a mobile hotspot, my regular wifi, or residnetial proxy’s. Sometimes it lets me access the site without spoofing on my phone for some reason.

Phishing Site:
Possiblely Assoitated URLs:

In order to obtain certain icons, the URL “” is requested: files/lib/pics/favi.ico. He most likely uses this domain for nefarious activities; he could even have his panel there. I appreciate everybody who is disclosing information about this fraud and assisting me in taking down their domains; I need help taking these Sites down. These scumbags are fucked in the head.

To access this website I suggest using this chrome extension and then choose iPad or iPhone too spoof your user agent.

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Update: Still not taken down but for some reason it seams like something happend to the website, there’s some error that says “ERROR : This API only work on ONE IP to activate the page to work on this host, Please go ahead to your admin panel then go to settings page and update the HOST IP input to this IP Address =>” not sure what this is all about

Try to insert the two IPs in your browser. One is the directory of the website and the other is an admin panel. Long story short, the site is down

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