Active CRA scam: 639-631-2018

November 20, 2018: 11:45 AM EST CRA scam: 639-631-2018 (Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan)

They are easily set off, and rage pretty fast. I asked for the opener to verify his credentials, he refused unless I gave him my information. I said it was my right as a citizen to verify his credentials before releasing my personal info. He started his m****ker rage, then went into his tough guy act. Then he demanded my e-mail address so he can cause me trouble on the "dark web" LOL, He went on how he was way smarter than I was, that he had more money in the bank yada, yada. That he was going to come and kick my ass.. Too bad his own feeder phone number was showed up on his call display.

Haha. Lovely