Active Australian PayPal Scammer Number: (03) 9115 7643

Paypal currently active and taking calls

Subject: new charge
Dear Customer,

As a security measure, we routinely monitor account activity to prevent fradulent use of customer’s accounts.

We have noticed some unusual activities on your paypal account, and are concerned about a unauthorised access, your paypal account has been charged $601. we want to confirm that this purchase was made by you.

If you want to cancel or approve this payment then please call us on our support number +61-3-911-576-45

We need your help resolving this issue, and your saftey is our concern so we have temporarily limited your account until you take action.

What’s gooing on ?

Unusual activity on your paypal account and have limited your account access till further action.

What do i need to do ?

For account related queries and to remove the charge of $601, on your account please call us on our support number +61-2-905-208-34

Yours Sincierly,
The Paypal Team
Support phone no:- +61-3-911-576-43

At the moment the number is active!