Active April 25 -- 1511 CT Rude Jerks

208-398-5841 – Called this number and some guy answered IRS and I said I got a message from Officer Jeffrey Colles UL7701 (which happens to be a name they use and a real case number) and the guy hung up. So i called back and said I got disconnected and another guy said NO WE HUNG UP ON YOUR FACE. Brilliant use of the English language. So I laughed at him and said you are so convincing. Don’t quit your day job since this night job isnt working out too well.

@SeventhCube2832#28579 That was great. You make me laugh. I love the way you say monkey, especially when you use the little girl voice. Yup, that was the same jerk. They must not be too hard up for money if they keep rejecting people trying to pay them. Low IQ individuals. I think I heard that somewhere. Oh, yeah, one of the higher authorities at the White House.

@SeventhCube2832#28581 OMG I laughed harder at that one!

@SeventhCube2832#28584 HAHAHA! That was even funnier cause I am not a sir!! My husband will sure be surprised!

What a Dick He Is:

Another One:

@76561198085246778#28592 Really nice people these Indian scammers. Wow, you have a nice voice!

@76561198085246778#28593 That is why I use a burner that they cannot trace and a persona so I cannot make any mistakes or hesitations. They are very wary. Good job, bro.

they said there no. will work until 1st july