Account Scam; Money Involved: ONGOING!

His display username and real username: Mysticwhisper(Display) hypeharbinger(Real)

His discord ID is 1150782967799631923, Have fun!

This is an ongoing scam-bait I’m having with an individual who calls themself “Mysticwhisper” Ive dealt with twitch scams with this guy but it was just him saying visit -insert website- inside one of my friends twitch streams. He then joined his discord server. I have the top role of the server because I made it for him, we are good friends. He came to me on 9/18/23 via friend request. I instantly knew he was a scammer. (Sorry for it going so long.)

I accepted it thinking I could have a good chuckle at his expense. He asked how I was doing first, acting casual until he got into the scam. He asked “How is streaming?” I responded with some filler and debating if I quit to drag him in. Everything I said about content was a lie, I don’t do content anymore. He then said a script, fuckin script kiddies. Which follows as:

" 1. I am a channels broadcasters marketing and promoter. I can help you to promote your channel to get real and organic followers and live viewers and help you reach affiliated and partners. I have over 3 years experience in broadcast marketing, I can help you to establish your brand on social media platforms like: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. My services are very affordable, so you won’t have to break the bank to be successful with your channel. I have numerous strategies to promote your channel to gain active live viewers 1. through top social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). 2. forum posting (create a content for promotion) 3. create discord community for your Stream 4. through EMSP so we can Post the link when starting the streaming."

I told him I can give him a link to my channel, if you know you know. “Stopify cough cough” Then I asked three questions. “First one question, how can I make sure you are a reputable affiliate?” He went offline after that. I later said “Also, do you promote spotify?” Just to make sure my plan will work. I finally asked “What are your prices too?” He has not responded. He is still offline. I will update on this occasionally.



He continued his script disregarding my questions. This is what he said.

"For basic promotion, I will broadcast your twitch channel to real audience engagements to get a minimum of 200+ new followers and the budget for that is $50

For the standard promotion
I will broadcast your twitch live stream to a real audience to gain upto consistent viewership and followers in your channel to gain more exposure for your channel for a whole week the budget for that is $300 but since it’s the first time working with you I will help you with $200

As for the monthly promotion ( twitch partner promotion )

I will do consistent promotion for your channel to reach active gaming lovers who have an interest in the kind of game you play and you within three months of effective promotion you will be getting 100+ consistent viewership and engagement in your channel for a whole month and build an active community for your channel and with this, you will get real viewers per stream for the whole month and you can be able to get partner with this promotion
I do that for $600 but will do it for $400 for you since it’s the first time working with me

which one will you like to start with?"

“I responded with " 1. Alright! Ill give you a link to my channel! If it doesnt work let me know!
Its finickey” He said yes and I asked him if he knew what catnthings was. He asked me what it was and my plan went into play. “Eh, a cat streaming place. Lots of people! Makes bank! The website might be down right now but ill give you the link”

I gave him the link, and I later said. “Good job scammer :slight_smile: North Charleston is it?” He went offline and I finally said “Toodaloo, ill get the FBI there soon!” Empty threat. I banned him from my friends server and he blocked me.

CASE CLOSED :open_mouth:


Not closed, he used a vpn but leaked where he lives :skull: with his address… with his vpn… with his face… Hes in canada!


Thanks for letting everyone know about this. I’ve seen this similar type of scam on discord recently, this happened to a friend luckily he asked me and said if this was a legitimate thing or a scam. Right away I knew this was a scam.

Unfortunately if reporting these to discord I’ve seen discord aren’t taking much action on them, correct me if wrong. :slightly_smiling_face: