"Accidentally Reported to Steam" SCAMMER

Associated Discord Accounts:
Frexiee#4086 (UID: 959104166507192340)
seapunkcaptain(Official Valve)#8866 (UID: 959109882890575944)

Associated Steam Account - Steam Community :: CedricL1206

Scammer will send random friend requests to users on Discord to ask them if they own their Steam account.

The scammer supposedly “accidentally reported” my Steam account after an “impersonator” bought one of their 576$ items from the community market and failed to pay.

As a result, I have been asked to contact this “Steam admin” on Discord within 3 hours or get suspended.

I was first asked to provide my STEAMID64 so they could “check my account status.” I was reportedly “flagged by Steam Support Team for Scamming and Illegal Purchased on your account.”

As such, the “admin” had me undergo a couple processes to prove I have done no “wrongdoing.” This includes screenshotting my recent purchase history.

I was then asked to “sign out” of my account so they can scan its “status.”

I was then asked to confirm an “account recovery” on the Steam mobile app. Luckily, Steam was able to log the scammer’s IP Address. Even then, I still sent him to youareanidiot.cc


Associated IP Address -


Philly scum - @MajorLeeAwesome @scamterminator2021

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Damn! Philly retards are SUPER bothersome! I am harassed by numerous of them DAILY! It makes me really dislike their country.

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The question I asked Onvoy and Peerless “Fearless” scum before: How does it NOT raise a concern when multiple Filipino people are relentlessly calling a person like me on the DNC? Isn’t it a little questionable and weird, to say the least, when thousands and even millions of us are bombarded by robocalls from the Philippines? Most of us have no family or relatives there, so why are we getting such calls? Should it NOT raise a red flag immediately at Onvoy and Peerless???

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