"Accidentally Reported to Steam" SCAMMER

SCAMMER: Steam Community :: 76561198960988078
FAKE STEAM ADMIN: nathansmith_vss (UID: 576933197661732914)

Scammer will send random friend requests to users on Steam. Once accepted, they will tell you they “accidentally reported” your account for “duped items and illegal purchases.”

As a result, you are then asked to contact “Nathan Smith” on their “Support Discord platform” in order to revoke a “pending ban.”

On Discord, users will be asked to provide a screenshot of the conversation before they “review the report on your Steam account.”

Afterwards, the scammer will then claim your account received “multiple scam reports and accused of owning duplicated illegal game/item(s) purchases” and are then asked to appeal by providing a screenshot of your purchase history, to which I responded with a Grabify link, which led to them blocking my account.

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UPDATE: Scammer has been community banned