"Accidentally Reported to Steam" SCAMMER

Associated Discord Accounts:
AYOL OFFICAL#3938 (UID: 987392782148714567, from the Tokyo Zebra & Paolo from Tokyo server)
Matt Official#8013 (UID: 987762976691982426, Impersonating Steam Community :: Matt)

Scammer will send random friend requests to users on Discord. Once accepted, they will then ask if you use a separate Steam account as they supposedly made a mistake and “accidentally reported” your account for illegal purchases, urging you to contact a “Steam admin” to prevent a permanent suspension.

The “admin” requires me to provide the name of the scammer, a screenshot of the conversation and a link to your Steam profile before they can resolve the issue.

Afterwards, the “admin” will confirm the account in question “has been flagged by Steam Support for the theft and Illegal Purchases. This activity is a violation of the Terms of Service Agreement. Account functionality will automatically be restricted after 12 hours by the time of issuing this report.” In order to prove your innocence and remove the “pending ban,” users must also provide a screenshot of their purchase history so they “can program it and scan if it’s been used legally.”

In my case, I sent them a full screenshot, but they wanted a “fullscreen” screenshot as it was “too blurd.” They then asked me to log out of my Steam account to “prevent conflict” with their “panel database.”

They then attempted an account recovery after spoofing my password. I luckily had Steam Guard enabled as Valve was able to log the IP Address used by the scammer.

Associated IP Address -

I then attempted to troll them further by sending a Grabify link to Youareanidiot.cc with smart logger enabled. They unfriended me and blocked my account as a result.