"Accidentally Reported to Steam" SCAMMER - Vitality Voyager

SCAMMER: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561199628695043
FAKE STEAM ADMIN: Steam Community :: Emerald
ACCOUNT I WAS ASKED TO SEND MY ITEMS TO: Steam Community :: Database: YTG55F

Scammer will send random friend requests to users on Steam. Once accepted, they will falsely claim you were marked as a scammer or a fraudulent item holder and that Steam needs to stop banning innocent people.

I was then asked to “appeal” and avoid the “penalties” by contacting the fake Steam admin, “Emerald.” Unlike previous “accidentally reported to Steam” scams however, this was all done directly on the Steam community and not on Discord.

After “Emerald” verified the false information, I was then asked to provide my Steam trading URL, as they will send pending offers of my most traded and suspicious items to be “checked.” While they falsely claim the items won’t be deleted from my account, they will be traded away to a fake bot account.

I responded by sending them a Grabify link to hurr-durr.cc under the guise of a screenshot of an error preventing me from doing the trade. They refused to click the link.

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UPDATE: All 3 accounts have been banned by SteamRep and Backpack.tf

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UPDATE: The Database account has been community banned by Valve Software, though the scammers are still trying to get me with their same bullshit from different accounts.

NEW SCAM ACCOUNT: Steam Community :: MrJake

I was never asked to make an appeal, as the scammer blocked my account.

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UPDATE: Mr. Jake has been banned by backpack.tf

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UPDATE: Emerald has been community banned by Valve Software