"Accidentally Reported to Steam" SCAMMER - Nuadagda

SCAMMER: Steam Community :: Nuadagda

Scammer will post comments on random Steam Community posts, claiming to look for new friends to play with.


Once a friend request is sent, they will ask if you could vote for their artwork in a “logo contest” on University cup (skillfulgamingzone.com)

Registered in Moscow, Russia via Reg.Ru on November 9, 2023 - University cup (skillfulgamingzone.com)

I then opted to send the scammer a Grabify link to www.titsassesanddicks.com under the guise of an “error” preventing my browser from loading the page. They claim to have “seen” the image, so I told them to see what the error is themselves. Instead, they decided to pressure me further and tell me to try with another browser, then restart my computer. My account was blocked shortly afterwards.

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