"Accidentally Reported to Steam" SCAMMER - Nekkieeeeeeee#1534

SCAMMER - Nekkieeeeeeee#1534 (UID: 1094956935628996668, from the KritzKast server)
Associated Email Address - [email protected]
Associated “Steam Admin” - Burt_reynolds#2768 (UID: 1093963814292176917)

Scammer will send random friend requests to users on Discord. Once accepted, they will ask if you own your Steam account as it was “accidentally reported” for “illegal purchases.”

As a result, I have to contact “Aaron Halifax” on Discord to prevent my IP from getting “blocked” on Steam and be referred to “federal & state authorities”

“Aaron” would first ask me for a detailed reason for adding him, as well as a screenshot of the conversation I had with Nekkie and a link to my Steam profile.

After “checking” my Steam account, “Aaron” will confirm the “multiple reports” about “illegal activity,” threatening to permanently ban my account unless we can “prove” that it’s in good standing.

I was then asked to take a screenshot of my purchase history, then be prompted to “sign out” of my Steam account.

I was then asked to confirm an “account recovery” on my phone. This includes sending a mobile confirmation code, which I responded by sending “Aaron” a Grabify link to www.titsassesanddicks.com, which they responded by blocking me.