"Accidentally Reported to Steam" SCAMMER - Kenzo0130

SCAMMER: kenzo0130 (UID: 1194297956661203064, from the Daily Dose of the Internet server)
FAKE STEAM ADMIN: seanosofficial (UID: 1106523343223525428, impersonating Valve Systems Engineer Seán O Sullivan)

Scammer will send random friend requests to users on Discord. Once accepted, they will ask if you recently purchased an item from the Steam Community Market using your own account.

After you respond, they will then claim someone impersonated your account to purchase their Counter-Strike 2 knife without paying $1181.46, and that they “accidentally reported” your account for “illegal purchases” as a result. You are then prompted to contact a “Seán O Sullivan” on Discord to prevent your account from being IP banned,

When I spoke with “Seán” on Discord, he claimed that there is a “pending ban” on my account based on their “coordinator’s review,” prompting me to prove my innocence by providing my Steam purchase history. I responded by sending a Grabify link to theannoyingsite.com


Unfortunately, the scammer refused to click the link and decided to block me and delete all of their posts. I thankfully had them screenshotted for proof.

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