"Accidentally Reported to Steam" DISCORD SCAMMER (ALMOST GOT MY ACCOUNT!)

Associated Discord Accounts:
Prettykittycute#4475 (UID: 963033288870604810, from TF2 Central.)
AC#3874 (UID: 565117777795612692)

Associated Email Address - [email protected]

Scammer sent me a DM asking if the Steam account was mine, as the account was “accidentally reported” for scamming them out of $1,100, and that I must take action or face a permanent IP ban on Steam.

I was then told to contact said “Steam Admin” through Discord.

The “Admin” requires both a screenshot of our conversation and a link to my Steam profile.

The “admin” checked their “Steam Databases” and concluded that my account received multiple reports for “illegal activity for Illegal Purchases & Scamming.”

As such, the “admin” has initiated a process to prove I have done no “wrongdoing.” This includes screenshotting at least 3 pages of my “recent purchase history”

I was then told to “sign out” of my Steam account so their system can start scanning the status of said account. Do note that I attempted to grab their IP Address through a Grabify link to YouAreAnIdiot.cc

The scammers were adamant that I was logged out of my Steam account so they can “start” their process. I was then asked to open the Steam mobile app to confirm something due to the presence of a “black market” where people can buy a stolen steam account with some amount with a connected payment method on it.

Aparrently the scammer initiated an account recovery after spoofing my password. Luckily for me, I had 2FA on my account and Steam was able to log the IP Address of the scammer!


Associated IP Address -

You can stop random people from messaging you on discord that aren’t your friends.

Right Click a server > Privacy Settings > untick “Allow Direct messages from server members”


To do it for all servers you are apart of or any new ones you Join

User Settings > Privacy and Safety > Server privacy defaults and untick that option

Screenshot 2022-04-11 130243

It will ask if you want to apply that to ALL servers you are currently in or only new ones you join



For anyone interested, here’s a little more information about their accounts. Screenshots are from discord.id.

isn’t suspicious steam is using discord as support?

Well it is, but consider the general public of Discord. I know someone who falls for the scams all the time and I’ve warned them plenty. Just goes to show that despite many counter measures, the scammers can break through.