So I had let a scammer access my computer NO VM and I shut it down before he did anything if I shut it down and deleted The programs I installed that he told me to, Am i safe?

As long as he didn’t install a persistent process RAT that executes on startup you should be fine. If anything you can use wireshark to see any no-ip dns addresses which you can block in your hosts file.

@FuelDaFlame#6315 What do i enter as the filter to check


@lz3bluThiccJ#6318 As long as he didn’t open any random files you should be fine.

@FuelDaFlame#6322 Oh yeah he only opened google chrome and skype

Then you should be fine.

Why would you let him access your PC anyway?

Yeah, only do it under a VM for now on. @lz3bluThiccJ#6323

@lz3bluThiccJ#6310 A sapre computer is OK, but reinstalling windows is a hassle.

He could just recover from a backup

Or use deep freeze bundled with malware because he can just download some deep freeze keygen.

hxxp:// Click on any link you don’t know/trust. EXample: Download it and get some malware on spare PC.


Trojan.Win32.KryptIK. That name inspired me to make my own Trojan called HectIK.