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Im sorry but I DONT LIKE It !! people that are not saavy on computer its difficult to navigate … I won’t be on much now cuz I don’t know how to use it … what a bummer … Really liked old format better … If it gets changed back I will be on it regularly. If stays like this I can’t navigate it so… You lost a valuable member of Scammer.info. Draco ~


Just think of it the way you would with getting a new car/truck. It drives the same as the old one, but you just have to get used to where all the buttons/gadgets are and what they do.

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I miss the old format but I don’t miss the old logo that much. I’m still gonna be active but the old format was truly a masterpiece. I know we were getting all those errors but again, the old format is something that is lovable and admiring.

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This is hella old😂i remember how bummed i was about it.