About my time here and suggestions

Most of you are great people but some are not either way I enjoyed TLS under multiple names over the past year but I feel it’s lacking in terms of scam content.

The malware channel is basically dead. It’s a much needed section because dropping phone numbers only kills them within minutes whereas malware might take a while to be discontinued by the commaning person.

The scam page is littered with dead numbers and they don’t expire which is kinda stupid it should have a fresh rotation period so it’s not completely flooded.

People report discord accounts incorrectly how about adding a prefix for when a discord based scam is written. I hate filling out domains and numbers used. It also reminds people to use it to report IDs correctly and a server invite should be required.

The name and shame/Wall of shame is bad for business and fucks up legal proceedings. EDP445 is a great example of public shaming fucking up legal investigations.

There’s not a whole lot of HQ content here, Just dead numbers. I Suggest that TLS should start focusing attention on supporting law enforcement and shutting down malware campaigns.

Phone scams are dying due to technology and machine learning and a generation of people passing away. In 5 to 25 years these calls will be obsolete because the generation that is effected will be mostly gone but Ransomware gangs keep popping up. There’s 100+ right now and it’s bad The future changes and TLS hasn’t advanced.

As a result I am leaving to make a forum to supplement TLS in fighting scams but focusing on newer issues that are getting worse. I hope TLS becomes larger and more popular

Note that the targets of scams are old people who still use the phone.

Probably because malware isn’t useful to most people here, you can’t scambait malware.

I applaud your efforts to create a new forum, if you post it I would love to join.

I invite you to tell the authorities to start caring about scams the way people on this forum do.
Good luck with your new forum, we need more anti-scam forums so more scams can be stopped.

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the Thing is Law Informant most likely wont take action

Well if you manage to pull off a forum that works and actually focuses on doing interesting stuff, you got me interested, there are far too many bots and scammers aware of TLS for phone-posting alone to be viable.
But honestly, this is a scambait forum, not scam investigation forum. I am looking forward to your activity as well as the activity of SDS, if it ever actually manages to become a thing and not stay in an endless limbo.

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We’re not too focused on Malware analysis. It’s a difficult practice to get into for many. Most people come here to get numbers for scambaiting. I’m sure many forums exist where you can work alongside likeminded people to focus on malware.
Obvious answer as well: We can’t tell members to post more Malware scams. It’s up to them what they want to post. As seen, there isn’t much of a need for it here.

While some numbers may die, this forum not only serves as a place to get numbers - But also a place for numbers to be listed. In the case of an investigation, one may search the number and end up here. Proof that said number has been used for illegal purposes.

Not really, posts in this area are reserved for serious posts. Well written posts exposing a scam or terrible person, not just a few numbers tossed together. This should have no effect with legal investigations.

First off, phone scams certainly aren’t dying. Despite the advancement in tech, scammers will always find a way to adapt. Covid has been a good display of how scammers can adapt to current situations and find a way to leverage it for a scam.
While another rising threat is Ransomware and APT groups, it is outwith the traditional scope of the forum, mostly due to the technical abilities of the majority of members. As mentioned previously, it is not easy to get into.

Sorry for the long reply, just clarifying a few things.
We appreciate your feedback and wish prosperity for your new forum.

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