About buying a voice changer hardware

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Can anyone help me to find a hardware/sound card to create custom voices like Kitboga or Pierogi? Any help would be appreciated :relaxed:


Roland VT-3 or 4. GoXLR should also work, Kit did use a VT-3 in the past and probably still does.

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I am interested too. I tried clownfish but theres only one male and one female voice, and both of them suck.

It would be nice to know what voice changer software people use, which ones have the most voices , etc.

As per Software you can use MorphVox, Clownfish, VoiceMod etc. but still on my opinion they still looks unrealistic. That is why I am looking for a hardware.

Roland VT-4 box. Or use software like MorphVox Pro

What do you think about VT-3? As I see it is almost half of the price of VT-4. Do you suggest me to get it or not?

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I don’t use voice changers because I can just change the tone of my voice. If you can do it you don’t have to get a voice changer.

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See if you can get VT-4 used, else VT-3 is fine

Personally, I use Voxal by NCH software. It may not be perfect, and I don’t use it all the time because people mistake me for a woman on the phone 90 percent of the time anyway, but when I absolutely need to change my voice for a character that’s what I use.


MorphVox Pro is another software.

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I just ended up going with a GoXLR + Yeti mic…

Then I feed back to computer on line in, and use voicemeeter to play the line in audio out to a device, which I have hotkeys set to change the output device between TV , speakers, and headphones using an application called Macro Deck which also has an android app for macro buttons on your phone to control computer. HowTo click here

It will take some playing around with it. I think if GoXLR can’t do good voice change I could also use voice changer software or even hardware and feed it through the GoXLR.


Sounds good.