A Yahoo boy has a (unknowning)money mule in the USA I need help

I need tracking this mule down to inform this person that Nigerian scammers are using this person.
The information I got is down below proof of the fraud:


Routing number should be 9 digits


Should Them call back ?


Yes. Once you get right routing number, I will let you know the person to contact.

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That’s the only information the Yahoo boy would post about their money mule.

It is a VERY BAD idea to post victim/mule personal information and bank account information publicly like this. If it’s a victim, you have now made their bank account public for other scammers to see. You are welcome to DM me regarding victim advocacy, but please don’t post publicly like this. It’s irresponsible. @U.S.Airways


I am sorry I should have done that privately.

You are so right.

Story time.

Last week, I got Zelle info for a US mule from a Nigerian yahoo boy. It included the account holder’s phone number and name. I called the lady and discovered she was a single mom in Ohio who had been romance-scammed into using her Zelle. She was told it was for a legitimate business, and to keep 10% for herself. She’d already received $10K.

She went on to tell me about another romance scammer who’d contacted her on Facebook, and threatened to send nudes she’d sent him to her work and family. She paid him the $1000 he demanded, and (of course) he demanded $2000 more. She gave me his email address, so I sent him a Grabify link for a gift card. No reply, but I got two IPs. Of course, Lagos Nigeria.

I wrote back again sending pictures of Nigerian police and prisoners, and told him I was a hacker who had control of his phone and computer. Hopefully scared the shit out of him.


Hopefully that lady gets left alone.