A Tech Support scammer gave this number to call back

His number is +1-800-935-0764 Say that you had a popup wich said that your license expired yesterday.

Also, they Scam with Windows & Apple

how long is ther hold music

doesn’t work, just a constant hold then it hangs up

They troll the scambaiters…

They were asking why i was using a hidden number, maybe they didnt want to deal with me anymore.

Ive just called through FireRTC it worked

still working but they’ve got savvy and only worked once with hidden number and then sent to endless wait queue. Tried to take me to a malware download site and hung up when I pointed out what he was about to do.

(so basically stay away unless you know what you're doing)

apparently, their servers are in maintenance mode so they cant connect to my vm. probaly just a cover up as they are getting invaded with phone calls.