A tech support scam



don’t forget to report the site before u call

Calling em up

These Indian scammer have all these websites:

apple-techsupport.com, dlinkroutersupport.com, dlinktechsupport.com, fix123.org, impactpcsupport.com, laptoptechnicalsupport.net, linksysroutersupport247.com, mactechnicalsupport.com, magicjacktechsupport.com, myremote.online, netgearrouterhelp.com, printer-techsupport.com, rokutechnicalsupport.com, routersupport247.com, windows-techsupport.com

@drwat#45644 omg thank you,you are the best

@Markiem what website did u use to get those informations

@Markiemm#45664 oke thank you

@Deku#45636 Ringing forever in firertc

@WayneZengDaItGuy#45752 yea they won’t pick up maybe cuz i annoyed them too much,try again

1-877-457-7708 Found one more number for these guys