A scammer posting their competition's number here

1-844-598-5433 POPUP Blocking the browser

Any link to the popup?

(If you reply to our non-existant automated system, someone will check it.)

Could you explain why you’re posting the same call center multiple times, seems you’re posting your competition since you’re from New Dehli as well. Your IP comes from a VOIP provider, which I’m assuming also provides you with internet. This also seems to be an extremely new number, only adding to my suspicion as it isn’t indexed anywhere, and no other articles have been written on it.

@R34P3R#5641 I think this user ronwayde is suspicious too.

I don’t suspend users unless I am actually sure.

@Jnteamed#5642 I’m certain he is a scammer, based on the fact he’s posting unlisted numbers, and is from New Delhi posting from an ISP that offers internet with their VOIP plans.

@R34P3R#5644 These scammers are really good at hiding each and everything about their identities.

Edit: Also, he said some number has people that will steal your windows key. That doesn’t even make sense considering almost everyone uses their OEM version of windows.

Edit2: If you’re an Indian scammer please send me your competition. Easy way of getting numbers.

Banned him for (the wait of a lifetime).

The original title is: Windows Blocked. Credit Card Information at Risk

@memes#5646 Oh yes, they are level 5 IP technicians and can fix each and every issue. Just do one thing, give a call to technical suppowt and their level 5 technician will rectify all the issues after the level 2 technician runs a scan into your computer.

Scammers, Please, when you sign up, remember to call the number below.

[“Windows Blocked. Credit Card Information at Risk”,“A scammer posting their competition’s number here.”]