A scam baiters convention

Hi all !
I want to purpose a idea. Since COVID is nearing a end…We should have a scambaiters convention where we can all meet and greet each other trade secrets on scam baiting and such. What do you guys think. I mentioned it before and other people think it’s great idea. I think it would be great and we can meet as a community. Let me know what you think about this idea

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Awesome idea!! I also think when covid decreases in India we should all fly there together and do the calls across the street from a call center.

Lol :joy:… But um no.

Smartfares offering nice discounts for groups!

I like the idea of a convention in India. Maybe a Swiss diplomat could arrange for a designated representative of the scam baiters to meet with a designated representative of the scammers? It would be interesting to see what could come out of it.

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Not in India you guys somewhere in states … Like Las Vegas or sumthing…

yeah :joy: so we can go to trips to scam call centers and pretend we work there :joy:

also dont forget smart fares has flight very cheap :joy: joking

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Ugh… :unamused:

Seriously though, I do like the idea of a Scambaiter’s Convention. I would be willing to go to Las Vegas. I think there would be more opportunity to learn about history, culture, and foreign languages in India. Mumbai has been settled since the Stone Age, for example.

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No thanks on India

I would love to go to the US to a scambaiting convention but it’s expensive to travel to the US from the UK

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I’m down for whatever. India Vegas or even Bridgeport CT at the diner. I’m down.

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How about the Bridgeport Flyer Diner in Milford, Connecticut? My late mother worked there in the 1970’s and 1980’s. She was known as “Frenchie.”


just joking but your idea is great imagine we have a secret office for scambaiting?

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And who’s paying the rent for the building?

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lol i havent thinked of that maybe all of us

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I dunno go fund me or pitch in pot for convention … Or … I will fantasize a little more about it … Get trilogy media to spinster it or kit boga … I dunno

I hear London is real expensive to get a hotel room in. It might be cheaper for an American to stay in Copenhagen.

The average cost for a room in a hotel in London is £172.57

i suppose we could scam the scammers