A scaamer number (possibly)

So I got a call from Gigabyte US Tech telling me that they want to scan my computer

Number: 877-216-9828

Called them, Hung up as soon as he saw ‘Bank Details’ notepad on my desktop. Kept opening them in the hope they’d changed to actual details.

No company will ever call you saying that they need to run a scan on your computer. It is definitely a scam.

yep, called them and wasted their time with a completely clean machine, they tried to tell me that some stuff in my task manager was viruses and they ran the “tree” command which they convinced me was also a virus, so I ended up clowning them :slight_smile:

This number has been chosen. If you want me to stop calling you noobs, please reply /stop you scammers.

hung up after I said “it says my computer has virus”

That is what i did, and i used google translate.

Just pretend to be a scammer and they will teach you their ways.

That would be good because i cound encounter good people and be on Malcom’s Merlyn’s livestream.

Lol you’d be a youtubaiter @Jnteamed#6178

Yep, I will be like malcom merlyn.

Or Thunder or Devon or Lewis @Jnteamed#6193 Don’t forget those pro youtubaiters.

@FuelDaFlame#6201 Here is a list of YouTubers


Thunder Tech, Lewis Tech, Malcom Merlyn, Cybervision, Da532, and Jn Teamed 2017

You said Da532 twice. @Jnteamed#6218

My mistake, Thanks.

Always glad to be of service.

-Gwammer Natce


@FuelDaFlame#6237 -Gwammer Natce

You mean Grammer Nazi?

Quit being such a Gwammer Natce!


@FuelDaFlame#6245 This is why i use Grammarly.

I learned to grammar from sylvan. @Jnteamed#6248