A Printer Scammer Quick Picture Of His Desktop

i setted his skype profile in my vm desktop then he freaks out
then he said im trying to help you
then i said to him ok
i asked him where do you live?
he said in california
then i said to him see you are lying to me
then i asked for his name
Then He Told Me Fake name
then i told him see you are lying again your real name is “ankash Sharma”
and you are from kolkata/delhi
then he freak out and shutdown everythink when i showed the pic of him

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He can be searched and called via Skype - I wouldn’t attempt that with a primary Skype account though … try one with an Alias would be my suggestion.



The live:fe08e004a878c2a6 part of his Skype is not really helpful unfortunately, it just means the following:

Now I’m not really a betting man and personally wouldn’t put 100% certainty on saying this person and YOUR Ankush Sharma are one and the same person, but it might interest you to take a look at this publicly available information which in my opinion bares a striking resemblence at least in a few of the photos …

… Ankush Sharma named Twitter Account: https://twitter.com/tomorrowland251

THanks for the info i will also try

May as well :+1: