A newbie's guide to FireRTC (for the new scambaiters)

If you are new to FireRTC, the post will help you out

How to setup FireRTC for scambaiting:
After you have made a FireRTC account change your number because scammers usually block numbers that look like FireRTC numbers. To change it, look at the top right corner of the website click the 3 lines and click settings. Then look at your caller id click the text box then change it to something legit (make it look like a real number) then click save. It will ask you to reset the phone, to do that you go back to the main page of firertc (your other firertc tab since firertc settings opens a new tab) then reload it and done

If a scammer blocks your fake number, just change it again like you just did.

How to test your FireRTC:
dial "test" (no quotes) and follow the instructions there

How to find scammer numbers:
Use the website you are on right now.

Options you can do while in a call:

image firertc-phone-stuffpng.png![image firertc-phone-stuffpng.png](replace/assets/files/2018-08-02/04:19:150-firertc-phone-stuffpng.png)

Thats it! Have fun scambaiting.

Very detailed, thanks for writing the guide.

In addition, note that some scammers are aware of this whole scambaiting thing and ask for a callback number. Unfortunately, FireRTC does not have the feature to receive calls, so for these scammers your best bet is to use another service such as TextNow which provides you with a free number.

@iCy#43076 No problem! Thanks for the positive reply and yes you can not receive calls from FireRTC.

Actually, yes you can recieve calls. You need to put their firertc address into the call box. If you look at the call logs, you’ll see a section labelled “inbound”.