A new update to scammer.info

We added gamification to scammer.info!

What does this mean?

You’ll be awarded points when you do certain actions. These points are called “Cheers”. You can go to http://scammer.info/leaderboard to view the leaderboard

How do I earn points?

You’ll be awarded points when you participate in the community or when a user likes or views a post you made or other actions.

This is the list of categories you’ll be awarded in:


What are the scoring actions?

Action Score
like received 1
like given 1
post marked as solution 10
user invited 10
every hour of time spent reading 1
every one hundred posts read 1
create topic 5
flag created (must be accepted by staff) 20
every day visited 20

Good luck


I think this is a great addition to the site. Hopefully it will encourage more people to build bots to take my throne :smile:. I think that having it primarily sort by monthly contributions is probably the best way to go though, sorting by all time by default will discourage new members and having the daily and weekly options will reduce the competitiveness of the monthly system. In other words, I would just make it sort by monthly or all time. If possible it would be good to integrate it with other parts of the site, such as a top five posters blurb on the homepage or a bot that makes a post every time a user in the top ten passes another user. If this new program works well I might offer a small prize to anybody who can outdo me. (probably $50/mo for the top user)


I have found 1,414 numbers that all route to a robocalling Camp Lejeune mob of dopey sheep
I’ve been hunting separately for up to 8 hours every day on this alone since last Wednesday
I’ve also managed to force them to abandon 64 numbers in two area codes when I dialed them constantly using the same caller ID, they knew the game was up and now every number in those area codes is dead.
I’m positive there will be more than 2000 numbers to this very large US call centre operation, which currently spans 34 area codes across the US.
That’s going to be absolute havoc making a thread for each one of them :wink:
I could also list several hundred toll free refund and tech support popup numbers each day
So far today I have just under 400 of them and have been averaging between 500 and 700 every day for many weeks now
Those emails that lob into a scambaiters inbox account for less than 0.5% of the known numbers these parasite occupy every day.
It’s getting worse all the time which is the saddest part
Having developed the most advanced search software in existence makes it easy to locate them all.
Taking them out of action is the hardest part.
The biggest of them all go down but it’s becoming impossible to hit them all.


That system sound awesome! Talk is cheap though, if you truly have the most advanced popup hunting system in existence and are having trouble taking them all down on your own it seems the best thing to do would be to connect your system to the forum’s api and post the popups. I’m sure all the scambaiters here would appreciate having so many popups to call and the other flooders would be happy to help take them offline.


I don’t need a popup to find the numbers they utilize for their fanciful fraud daily.
There are massive blocks of consecutive numbers they rotate between with predictable precision. They’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer by any stretch of the imagination. When you rely on living in a fantasy world between bullshit and lies, high intelligence is not a prerequisite of their piss poor excuse for a lifestyle choice.

I cut out the middle waste of time and go straight to the number end of the equation, taking out many hundreds of call centres daily before they can get a single victim call in most instances.
I target whatever areas they occupy with around 30,000 calls per day, many millions of calls per year to locate them.
I know exactly where they will be and have the ability to track where they go if they decide to set up shop in another area of real estate.
I’ve been doing this longer than most of the self proclaimed experts combined, 4 decades of research and refinement to save every victim by being ahead of the grift. Not playing catch up from behind after giving a substantial head start, relying on luck and hope as the only weapon in the arsenal.

Finding out what their scam or script is is the easy part, when I have every piece of real estate mapped into a database currently in excess of 254,000 numbers.
I’ve uploaded many thousands of numbers to this site at times when the situation requires.
I often locate consecutive blocks of 1000 numbers or more used for various dopey scams. They’re not quite as common at the moment because the student loan ruse has lost most of it’s traction, as the public has slowly been made aware there is no such thing, outside of the very limited official outlets and channels.
I live mainly in the toll free zones because I actually pay my own way and don’t make painfully slow and cumbersome free TextNow calls.
I still outlay between $250 - $300 of my own limited disability income finances each month, matched by my partner. We maintain a pool of between 300 - 400 DID’s when finances allow. I can never be blocked by any call centre.

I also have the capability to send out many thousands of calls per second with my own designed and programmed dialers incorporated into the system
They never last more than 2 minutes maximum, most going home early within 30-60 seconds.

I have things covered without aiding and abetting those who seek to profit from the misery of victims, of which there are a multitude of. Hiding behind the thoroughly debunkable claim that wasting a scammers time saves victims is genuinely amusing, believed by the masses of minions, who quite franlkly would believe the moon is made of tasty blue cheese. Walking away from a call centre and leaving them to snare victims at will is never an option. They cannot claim a single victim when they have no means of communication whatsoever. A simple concept of stark reality


It sounds like you are doing a lot more than can be condensed into a forum post.

I really hope you are writing a book or something of that nature because it will make a fascinating read one day.

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Will use. Thanks.