A new popup!!!

Here is the web link from the pop Up

The number is 1(866)735 0520

Call them, tell them i don’t have any time to mess with them on the weekends.

There was a lady who worked with me until cmd and then she calls a SENIOR TECHNICIAN who tells me to f off and not waste his time. I got 20 min though.

the person who answered the phone didnt know what an exe file is lol

@andrewlinuxboy#4641 lol

@MCSuli#4642 i think they do not know much about computers but intead follow exact instructions

A lady answered and i ask for help with my computer, she only scream on me and said it was a food store

They told me to restart my computer and called me a faggot

Their site uses an iframe element which means part of the site essentially a mirror of another site, which is hxxp://vvpop35.xyz/main/report.php

**Information on the owners**

Just wasted her 2 freaking hours.

Following exact instructions VS my VM?

Each computer is different, same like the vending machines.

The link isnt working

Hi, This is an IP address so when the modem reboots the ISP gives you a new IP!

How do you host websites with IP address?

Free is good.

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I am a human and can type quickly.