A new kid in town

When I watch the scammer videos I start thinking about the different items of tech I will need to do my own baiting of scammers.

For obvious reasons the most successful Scambaiters have to keep things back because they do not want to aid the scammers in defeating them.

So when I saw Frank’s videos it was cool to see that he was light on editing and zooming to avoid giving too much away. Sometimes he is just showing the video software he is using or how he mutes the scammer in and out while he talks to his audience, or what button he is pressing in remote software.

His channel is called BigFrankND he has whole call videos as well as a call broken down.

His style is similar to Scammer Revolts, i.e. get on, reverse connect, copy files, delete files, use syskey to encrypt and delete their data, then try to get em angry.

Check him out