A.M.A.Z.O.N Refund scam

Got this laughably bad email scam from “A.M.A.Z.O.N” that i had ordered some kind of webcam, this idiot even used his own email address too. he was even ballsy enough to put the price at $1353.

Scam Number: 1 314 500 6702
Domain Used
Extra Info: Order #: DA25FY2435, personal email scammer used: [email protected]

“we hope tyo see you again” and “we confirmation that your item has shipped”

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Number 314 500 6702 is dead now. 9:45, EST :coffin:

Cb number. Man… he’s pissed. Hahaha. Please hit him hard.

251 530 0504


I’ll have to add some fuel on that fire, Take! :grin:

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Please do so!!!;

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