--a (888)-394-6111 Microsoft Popup Scam


@jerrycan1991#138740 Very weird one, this is. The phone rang for a good long time and then finally picked up. I could hear some background noise and then it went into hold music… not your usual stuff either, but some Spanish sounding music that wasn’t too bad actually! Every 10-20 seconds though, it would come off hold and you could tell there was someone on the line, just listening and not saying anything. They would listen for a couple of seconds, then back on hold you go. I didn’t say anything to see what they would do. This kept up for a bit, then I finally played a Homer Simpson “Doh” the next time he took me off hold. Went right back on hold as if nothing was different. The next time, I played the FireRTC “Evil Laugh”, and he hung up.

So I called back, and the same thing happened. But this time, after about the second or third time taking me off hold, some dude said "Hello?". I replied in kind. He asked what I wanted, and certainly wasn't attempting to act like any kind of technical service center. So I asked for a Dr. Rosenthal - "Hello, can I please speak with Dr. Rosenthal. I have an urgent matter to discuss with him". He hesitated a bit and asked what I wanted to talk with him about. So I replied "Oh, my anal leakage is getting severe, and it's gone from pus colored to green - it's very important that I speak with the doctor immediately!". He said the doctor wasn't there, so I asked if there was someone else I could speak to about my condition. He said he would send a doctor out to my house, and I replied "Oh my, won't that take a very long time coming from India?".

@Otis#138744 hahaha

Blowing it up

They got tired of me playing music so they switched to their own music