--a (864)-453-8051 Microsoft Popup Scam

This number is gold. “Take a pen and stick it up your ass.”

@etnguyen03#134099 Gold, indeed. Go call, talk to Victor who claims he is in Pakistan. We had a long conversation, he wanted to know what I was doing when I got the pop-up. I said I was looking at dirty pictures, and it went downhill from there.

Your turn.

I called them and they said it was Domino’s Pizza.

@etnguyen03#134099 You should’ve said “I’ll take that pen and stick it up your mother’s ass” lol

I will delete all his files dude thanks for the number

That scammer got triggered…

@jaymee#134102 I said that I was trying to use my email, as people usually find these pop-ups at ggmail.com or gmil.com