--a (833)-809-8506 Microsoft Popup Scam

Doesn’t work

rings about 3/4 times and then hang up

Tolde me I needed to go to the hospital after he was about to acsses my computer

Success number disabled after 2 calls


I am still on the call,he gave me another number:888 929 2969

Good luck!

@potekar#141067 Verified number. He asked in I needed support and I said yes, I need a new bra.

They are running a scan on my vm pc now they will call back in 2 minutes

they wont accept my calls anymore

@potekar#141067 After I told him that I got the number from “a message on my screen” (he asked),he said I called the wrong department and hung up.

@P1ng0fD34th#141091 No wonder he said wrong department, I googled the number, it’s on 2 websites of web development companies.