970 -687 6048. Ssa

Scammer’s Number:970 -687 6048
Domains Used:
Extra Info:call them open


Today is going to a bad day for them. They’re going to rue the day they decided to get out of bed, and be a piece of shit scammer. :laughing: :+1:t2:

Femscammer “Jennifer Brown”. Doesn’t know her geography, told her I’ve only been to the Wyoming at the north border of Texas.
Badge #: SA105362
Case #: DC54720
Warrant #: ML7190

Same old script. South border of Texas, Toyota Corolla with blood and drug residue, traced to an address where documentation was found of multiple bank accounts and drugs, etc., etc.


2nd officer Jordan Baker badge 11026 :clown_face::mans_shoe:Alice

Scott … Trolls him 20 min in :joy::joy::rofl:30 min
In now …

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Same story…
Alex Kennedy

Alex Kennedy

Badge Number AK270902


Warrant Number TX74621

abandoned southern border of

22 pounds cocaine

16 pounds heroin

chase bofa

Car – Toyota Corolla

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Calling them repeatedly on multiple lines, and blasting them with yodeling. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Edit: Now I’m using music to mock them. “Opportunities; Pet Shop Boys”, “Telephone Line; Electric Light Orchestra”, etc. :laughing: :rofl: :laughing: :rofl:

Actually I accidentally called 970 687 6084 and that is also taking me to some SSA scam

Officer alex kennedy
Direct ‪(915) 444-1183‬

We hoarded it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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We trolled hoarded taunted played American anthem played you’ve been TROLLED song … tra la la song insulted … it just rings 10xs hangs now


Still calling them with three lines, been at it for like almost 3 hours. I wish I was a fly on the wall of their call center. They’re probably thinking “Fuck, these people are relentless!”