951-381-3238 - California Police "Yes" Scam

This scam is weird


What kind of scam is it?

Edit: think it's a "yes" scam

@Starmute#8807 I have no clue tbh. They want money.

@trustednerd#8809 Pretty sure they just want you to say “yes” - then they will charge you. it’s a pretty common scam

[“951-381-3238 - Scam”,“951-381-3238 - California Police “Yes” Scam”]

There is no documented case of a yes scam. It is a myth propagated by the BBB to protect their member companies.

@myjackcity#8814 That’s not from the BBB. That’s the FCC actually

FCC warns consumers about new 'Yes' phone scam - ABC News

@thunder can we make a new category under “scams” called “Yes Scams” ?

The “yes” scam makes no sense. I believe it’s actually a method of finding victims for police/kidnapping scams.

The BBB is cited in the ABC report. The FCC and FTC always say to just hang up. The kidnapping scam is more likely, but those seem like rare and small operations, if not urban legends. Why does the BBB want you to hang up immediately? Because they don’t want you to know that their members are calling. Also, how much do you think Verizon pays the BBB to have their seal of approval?

This isn’t a tech support scam, please remove that tag and add Miscellaneous.


I called and a mechanized voice answered, possibly a sound board