(905) 499-3605. Active CRA scammers in Nagaland

Active right now and already angry.

Called today got officer “Linda” number is Brampton, Ontario. CRA employee number is a common one in the script. Refuses to give verification on her address. Demands I give her my info, RCMPs are coming to arrest me.

I said it's clear that she's in a India Call Centre when she said "why do you guys all say we are in India. Her accent was more Hindi than Nagaland

LOL, got another officer when I said “parlez-vous francais?” he raged said for me to go back to my country your f*ing Nigerian…

Seems that French is not spoken in Canada.

They are in Nagaland. Much more Asian than typical Indian scammers. Mention Kohima and they usually freak out and hang up immediately.

Raging almost the moment they answer now…

This number is fun. They don’t seem to be blocking numbers

I have been messing with them for weeks. They always seem to answer and always rage.

Created an account just to let people know it’s still active as of 1:42 EST. They are suuuuuper angry, I’ve been hitting them all day, it’s been a great number.

@AussieScamBuster#66173 I call spoofing their own number if enough people call spoofing the scammers own number. In the past I’ve raged the scammers enough they block their own numbers.

The Chutiya Alarm is going wild!


@Darrell64#66197 Seems a very busy scam call center. Most of the time I got connected to a Nagamese scammer.

had these fucking morons going for over half an hour! They will tell you to go to best buy/sobeys etc to buy an EFTVC and if you tell them its for tax purposes then the vendor will charge extra or call the rcmp.