905-324-5215 IRS SCAMMER 24hr OPERATION



I just called this guy twice, from Sydney, Australia.

Slam Him peoples



@Norm_Harrison I talked to this guy and he said his brother put his number on this website and he got calls late last night and again tonight. He sounded like just a normal guy and was super cool about it. Can we take this down?

@gmason#97315 how is this his brother? The original poster is from Australia and the number is American. Sounds unlikely.

also I google'd the number and people are complaining about it:

If it was a spoofed number and he owns this number then he should contact us. I tried to call him to verify but doesn't pick up.

Mailbox full. Haha cool

Haha I don’t know just letting yall know what he said. For sure something weird about a Canadian phone number running an IRS scam.

Hes based in Pakistan guys. This number takes you to the direct owner of the call center. Super chill dude trying to play it off but if you push him far enough he gives you another call centers number that is his rival.

He’s a Scammer or knows a lot about scamming, He knew I was using a voice transformer straight away, thats how I got wind he is a scammer.

It was a good line for a while.