(901) 245-4125 various scams

# (901) 245-4125 number has been coming up over the last several days. It was an Amazon scam, then “tech support” today SSA. It gets ‘parked’ but keeps coming back. It’s been up and down a few times today.

@MajorLeeAwesome#193878. Major PCH hit that one … reported them still active

I lit this number up this morning even got a voicemail back from Officer Wilson telling me what he would like me to do to him behind closed doors. He shut his personal number down and I had 3 numbers blocked from this number. I tried to do my part. I will actually have a YouTube video up of the whole interaction later today. Keep Scambaiting people.

Female Larry, legal attorney SSA scam


What? Diff burners one ring

@Cold-As-Hell#193901 Welcome :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: